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Annual Membership

We welcome your membership!

Membership Requirements:

  • Must be a Legal Guardian

  • Must be a South Carolina Resident

  • Must be hold a High School Diploma or GED

  • Must adhere to State Law for Record Keeping

Applicable Fees

Application Fee $5 (per Child)

Membership Fee $30/ Year (per Family)

Report Card Fee $5

Transcript Fee $15

Certified School Record $5 

Certified High School Diploma $5

Compulsory Attendance Compliance Letter $5 

Standard Shipping Fee: $5

Expedited Shipping Fee: $15                      

Other Charges & Fees

Membership Questions:

What's Included in Your Annual Membership?

  • Accountability Forms & Templates

  • Report Card & Transcript Service

  • Student Enrichment Activities

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Student Agenda

  • Activity Resource Center

  • Parent Support Group

  • High School Class Ranking

  • Student ID Card & Lanyard

  • Dudley Homeschool Co-Op

Membership Process & Milestones

Milestone One

Milestone Two

Milestone Three

Application Submission. A Legal Parent/Guardian must complete A student withdrawal form giving the association permission to access and verify student attendance and grades from the current school of attendance. Parent/Guardians must also complete the homeschool educator agreement and provide proof of South Carolina Residency.

Material Review & Student Withdrawal. Once all material has been gathered, it is allowed 24-hours to "cure" - then we get to work! Reading and researching about your student(s) to ensure you start off on the right foot. record keeping is critical, so it is important that we have accurate data upfront! This process should take 2-3 Business Days.

Certification of Homeschool Status. Once all information has been verified and documented, your family is all set. In the mail, you will receive a student Agenda, Student Homeschool ID, Family Membership Card, Compliance Letter for each student registered, and Certification of Homeschool Certificate.

This process should take 7-10 Business Days.

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