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Services We Offer to
Homeschool Families

Services offered by the Dudley Homeschool Consortium align with South Carolina legal requirements for homeschools and provide resources for families to remain compliant with state law. Dudley Homeschool Consortium is nonsectarian in its programming and is open to all who choose to participate. Dudley Homeschool Consortium serves families throughout South Carolina.


Forms & Documents

We provide templates for necessary forms required by state homeschooling law to keep families compliant with the law.


We know that teaching probably isn't your day job! We provide a weekly support meeting where we discuss obstacles and strategies to be an effective homeschool educator.

Student Engagement

We provide student engagement to assist in providing learning experiences for families and activities students feel they may miss "at school."


We submit the SCDE Annual Standards Assurance form, ensuring the association has met the requirements stated in S.C. Code Ann. § 59-65-47.


Each year, we host a graduation for students graduating Homeschool High! We take pride in seeing our students transition into college & the workforce.

A System of Support

Every student has a story, and every parent has a tale. As you embark on this journey, we want to help you succeed. We appreciate the opportunity to get to know one another and work collaboratively to support the students we cherish most - our own. 

We are here to assist in your desire to provide a quality education for your child(ren) in the manner you choose. Certified Educators with data and feedback from our homeschool association families guide decision making for the support we provide.

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